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“It was our best show yet . . . !” ZJ’s Boarding House.

“ . . . it is already my favorite surf movie in my entire collection, beyond my expectations. You captured that era in the early 60′s (actually my era when I first got started), better than anyone had ever done before. I am also so impressed with your surfing ability and style way back then. You were actually as good as all those guys, ability and style, maybe a synthesis of everyone of those guys you featured.” Ira Nepus

More brilliance from Jamie Budge – the genius who brought us the masterpiece “The Living Curl” John Hintlian

Your movies are selling like hot cakes!!! Marie, Tyler Surfboards

LOVE “The Californians” great historical content of the early ’70′s! Watched some of the new DVD tonight @ the HB Surf Museum with DAVID, classic early Seventies stuff about when I first landed on these shores in ’72! Peter Townend

Watched your movie last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I especially like that you were a fine surfer in your time, related properly to all of those guys and told us the real inside out of what was going on.   Again, Jamie, I really enjoyed your unhurried narrative, and how you threaded the scenes together… giving me for one, memories of all those guys… especially those who I’d say were of the ‘Slipcheck Era’.   Aloha, tom (Morey, inventor of the Boogie Board and Slipcheck).

I gave a copy of “The Californians” to my friend Mike who shapes for Tyler. He particularly appreciated the part about the “dark days” of shaping when boards sucked. He said he has tried to explain that era to people and your movie totally nails it. Thank you Jamie. Aloha, Katherine and David Kramer

Hi Jamie, Yes, the film should sell itself. It is wonderful and I enjoyed every minute. Roger Mann, Longboard Collector Club


Hi Jamie Glad to see you are doing the dvds they really fill in a missing part of surfing history Later Skip (Engblom)

“AWESOME! ” The Californians” captures the essence of the culture & freedom of that innocent time, in addition to all the amazing surfers, friends, & culture all rolled into one great film.”  Jan Bar

Hi Jamie
Received your movie, The Californians, the other day.. Nice work.. Enjoyed it more than the first one. Left me feeling good and proud to be part of that era. We were lucky to have lived it.. And survived. ALOHA Sparky Hudson

Watched it last night was every bit as good as living curl – which is one of my all time favorites. Stefanie Phillips

Stoked on your new film! I will unleash the Facebook hounds immediately! And I look forward to attending the premier!
Warm regards,
Glenn, Liquid Salt Magazine Profiles of the people who make the history, art and culture of surfing.

We are stoked to see the classic surfing of those golden times. aaron, surfindian

Niiiice Jamie!
Exciting! I just watched the trailer. Good stuff! Julie Cox, California Surf Museum

Let’s figure out a date to do an indoor screening of your latest movie, complete with you narrating it. Barry Haun, Surfing Heritage Foundation

Hi Jamie
The premiere of your movie is now on our website. When you have DVDs available, let me know as we’d like some to sell as before.  All the best with the new one.   Regards Mick McAuliffe, Pacific Longboarder

Of “The Living Curl” I wrote: “The Living Curl” is a “must see” for all those interested in surfing’s rich history anyone wanting to enjoy a surfing film that combines all the elements needed to make it a classic.”  Since I’ve run out of superlatives, the same can be said for “The Californians”. It is really, really , REALLY GREAT!   Robert Feigel surfwriter.net writer for ‘60’s Surf Guide Magazine,

Best film I’ve never been in . . . Meringue Keru

Also Now Available . . .

Everything you ever wanted to know when you started surfing . . .

But were afraid to ask . . . .


“Jamie is the most underrated California filmmaker from the sixties”
Balsa Bill


Hi Jamie,

I watched the film yesterday and loved it! What a time capsule for California surfers. You captured the times and the dreams of young men in the early 60’s. Those were very special times and will bring back memories of some frequented surf spots. Your commentary is special.

Aloha, Roger Mann (President, Longboard Collector Club)

P.S. I went to high school with Mark Martinson in Long Beach, surfed around Corky at Surfside (not a friend), bought my first new board because Ron Sizemore’s dad worked with my dad (Wardy connection), and thought Mike Doyle was close to “God.” My memory for the old stuff is pretty good (yesterday? Not so good).


For my money, Jamie Budge was one of the most gifted, natural athletes ever to grace a surfboard. His powerful, ballsy riding combined with a precisely controlled sense of style put him on a par with king of style, “The Wavemaster,” Miki Dora.
– surfwriter.net


“Good to see you on the mainland. I watched your DVD on my lap top computer on the plane home and it was great! “The Living Curl is a glimpse at a much simpler time when surfing was for the fun of it and California set the trends for the rest of the world to follow”.
Randy Rarick Hawaii Surfing Promotions


Movie looks sick! Let me know if you want to do any advertising on Surfline to help promote some sales.
Chad Towersey Surfline(online)

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